A month in the life of a freelance designer

In my previous blog post, I ‘fessed my new year’s intention to start blogging.  I had expected January to be a slow month for design or illustration commissions, giving me time to get into the habit of writing, but I was wrong! It was mega busy, it’s February already and I haven’t written a single thing. With a long list of ideas but no time to research any of them, I decided instead to take a look back at some of the things I’ve been up to lately. Friends, family and clients often ask what I’ve been working on, so this is a round-up of some of the freelance graphic design projects I’ve been involved with in the past month, working in Bristol, Bath and Edinburgh:

Point of sale design (POS)

In the first half of January I was working in-house with the agency DC Activ in Bath. They’re a friendly bunch, it was interesting learning how they work and fun immersing myself in the world of POS. Their client has gained a huge amount of insight into how customers behave in-store and how they react to certain shapes, colours and POS displays. Designing items based on UX and CX research is so much more effective than guessing.

Logo design and brand identity

I love designing logos so it was nice to be asked by ContentPro, a Bristol-based content marketing & SEO consultant, to help create a new brand identity and colour palette (pictured below). I worked up three different logos and a range of colours for the client to choose from, which he is now applying to his site along with the chosen logo. You can see a selection of other logos I’ve worked on here.

Content Pro_logo.jpg

Charity rebrand  

I’ve also been working to roll out a new brand look and feel across loads of materials for a not-yet-to-be-named charity. I’ll hopefully be able to share more info once it’s launched. It makes sense that charities need to produce a lot of marketing materials to help them raise awareness and funds, so that’s been keeping me pretty busy.

Book design

In between all of that I’ve designed a book for a marketing company, including the front cover, contents page, section pages and typesetting 92 pages of text. I’m sure I will also share that one soon!

One of the best things about being a freelance graphic designer is that projects can be so varied – it’s really exciting not knowing what the next design opportunity will be. I’ve had a few enquiries recently and have some work lined up with SIM7 for this week. Maybe I’ll pop down and work with them in the Tobacco Factory in Bristol too. It’s always nice to check out south of the river…

Please get in touch if you have any design projects you’d like to discuss with me.